Garage Door Motor Installation

A garage door motor installation requires specialized skills and is difficult to do on your own. Rather than attempting to do it, it is recommended to let a specialized person, technician or installation company like Garage Door Repair Pros take care of the garage door motor installation.

A garage door installation can be done on your own- you just need to be careful while doing it. A garage door motor is required to automatically open or close the door. Without a motor a door can be manually operated. However if you would like to use an automatic door then a motor needs to be installed. While it is fine to install the entire garage door on your own by going through the manual, it may be wiser to leave the motor installation in the hands of a trained person to ensure a smooth operation.

Who can install a motor?

There are a number of companies- small and big, who can install the garage door motor for you. These companies are not specialist motor installers but they take care of the entire glass door repair. This includes a lot of a lot of things like garage door replacement, cable replacement, garage door springs repair among other things. These companies also have expertise in garage door motor installation.


A garage door motor is not very expensive, nor does it consume too much of a power. Generally a motor only runs on 12 volts and has a battery back up available. After installing a motor the garage door can be operated through a remote control from the comfort of your car. Usually the motor company will also provide at least 2 remotes with the motor. You may check with your motor company regarding the installation as well. Generally they also provide the service of installation or they may recommend someone to do this with ease.

Garage door motor as an additional equipment

A garage door has many parts. Some of the Garage door parts are provided with the door itself while others need to be purchased as additional accessories. Garage door motor is one of the additional accessories. Though it is not provided with the barrage door, it is certainly convenient to have an automated garage door since you need not get out of the car to open and close the door every time you go in or come out. Garage door motor installation is a one time cost and effort that provides long term convenience.